3 Outdoor Gym Concepts

3 Outdoor Gym Concepts
Lets face it, not everyone likes to train in conventional gym surroundings. You already spend most of your valuable time indoors or commuting from A to B. Why be confined by your fitness space? In support of your fitness needs and desires, Gym Concepts offers three outdoor training facilities that will enhance any outdoor training experience! 

Is fitness part of your lifestyle, but the gym dragging you down?

The commercial gym-space still has its place as the social centre for fitness elites and novices alike. But there is a growing breed of people who want for something more than mirrors and machines. They need an alternative to the mundane everyday grind, the clang of metal on metal and the humdrum buzz of commercial doof-doof.

Here at Gym Concepts we understand that these innovators yearn to be free from enclosure. They strive to take back control over the surroundings that shape their bodies as functional fitness machines. So they take to the streets, forests and parks to climb, lift and jump. They push the boundaries of functional fitness and we love that!

You who strive to integrate your surroundings into your idea of fitness as lifestyle, we salute you!

How can we help you enhance your functional approach to fitness?

At Gym Concepts we also understand that, as much as we love and respect her, Mother Nature does not always cater to all your gym equipment needs. For this reason, our experts have been working to produce innovative and exciting new gym concepts to support the fitness-as-lifestyle community.

Our specialists are taking their practical experience in gym concept and design to the next level by offering services around three new fitness facilities – the outdoor gym, the calisthenics park and the obstacle race course.

The outdoor gym

Whether on the beaches of Cape Town or the streets of Jozie, the commercial gym can be taken outside.

The rugged feel of steel barbells on your hands, the deep sounding thud of a concrete weight hitting the ground, the symmetry of bodies moving through space up and down pull-up bars that seamlessly integrate with the city-scape - there is no limit when thinking about the Outdoor Gym!

With a minimalist approach low cost outdoor gyms will bring exercise back to the people and breath life into the urban environment!

The Calisthenics Park


As a functional fitness regimen, Calisthenics involves combining a variety of body-weight exercises in order to increase strength, flexibility and mobility.

You only have to look at a body conditioned by Calisthenics to understand why this word is derived from the ancient Greek for beauty, kálos, and strength, sthénos!

A Calisthenics Park is a fitness-enabling environment. As a playground for children and adults alike, it consists of a variety of bars, ropes and boxes around which calisthenics routines can be created. It blends into its surroundings and has a great return on investment!

In the modern urban landscape, this form of “street workout” combines well with other functional outdoor gym facilities.

The Obstacle Race Course

Monkey Rings

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is rapidly becoming one of the world’s fastest growing sports. The 2015 ORC World Championship held in Cincinnati, for example, drew about 1600 competitors from 22 countries .

Why is this sport so attractive? It combines a variety of novel physical challenges that everyone can enjoy with some honest competition. Whether you compete against yourself or others an obstacle course will also challenge your mind and is especially popular for team building.

Call one of our experts to help you design your dream outdoor training facility and make your idea a reality!

In our vision of bringing new, exciting and affordable services in gym equipment and design to our community we strive to push the boundaries with them.

These three fitness trends are actively changing the way people look at their fitness surroundings. If you are in the fitness industry you should take note! We already have.

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