3 Pieces in your home gym that will get you moving

3 Pieces in your home gym that will get you moving
The commercial gym isn’t for everyone. If you are just getting into fitness, or don’t like commercial settings, you may feel more comfortable training in your own environment. Building a home gym doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. These three cheap equipment options will get you moving in no time!

Over the sterile surroundings of commercial gyms?

Fitness is for everyone, no matter your sub-cultural allegiances or particular expressions of individuality.

Getting fit and maintaining that fitness can be challenging. For fitness to become a lifestyle you need to feel comfortable. You want to express yourself without worrying too much about your surroundings. In this regard, the commercial- or boutique-gym settings may not be for you.

Put off by often-sterile surroundings where drones of semi-clad, fitness socialites meet to exchange uncomfortable looks, you pay monthly subscriptions only for your goals to fall by the wayside.

Why not try something different, like your own home gym?

A home gym doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

When you think of a home-gym then images of expensive commercial fitness brands get mixed up with memories of unused Verimark products.

Be calm and breathe, the world has moved on!

Assembling a home fitness facility doesn’t have to be expensive or take up a lot of space. What you need is something that is easy to maintain, and will make you feel like a champ!

Three great gym-equipment options to get you started.

  1. Wooden Plyometric Box – If you can’t make your own, a wooden plyometric box will cost you around R1365 new. This 32’’ x 24’’ x 20’’ rectangular box is great for training power, strength and cardio. Get your heart rate up with a variety of step-ups and box jumps. Make more traditional body-weight exercises such as push-ups and dips more dynamic. When you are done, easily store the box in a corner or drape cloth over to make a functional table or nightstand.
  2. Wall mounted pull up rack – If you want to get strong and lean then there is no better way than conditioning your body to pull its weight through space. A steal pull-up rack can be mounted on any strong wall, will cost you around R1195, and will probably out last the wall you have attached it to. Perform an array of excellent body-weight exercises such as pull-ups (assisted with power bands), dips, hanging knee raises, toes-to-bar and muscle ups. Use the rack to also attach accessories such as TRX bands and gymnastics rings.
  3. Resistance Bands – or power bands retail from around R88 to R135 and come in different gradients of resistance. Like the name says, these rubber bands offer resistance against which your body can work. Use power bands for full-body mobility exercises in your warm-ups or add resistance to squats and deadlifts. Use them as accessories to assist with pull-ups and dips or and make use of their reach and resistance for post-workout stretching sessions.

It’s up to you to #getmoving!

The above three options will help you on your way.

If you stay focused and keep looking for great exercises to compliment your goals, you will not be disappointed with your new functional home gym.

Your body is the primary tool to #getmoving, for anything else we are always there to help!

Contact us today for a quote.

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