4 Tips on Building Strength

4 Tips on Building Strength
There are probably thousands of blogs out there that focus on getting ripped abs, explosive power and extreme endurance, but many of them focus on the exercises and not so much on how to actually build strength whilst doing them. In this blog, we’re going to give you the lowdown on building strength by approaching your workout routine with the correct attitude and by using motions that are guaranteed to bring out your inner Hercules!

1. Train with Heavy Weights

The latest research shows that for optimum muscle development one needs to do moderate rep ranges of 6 to 12 per set, but this will only help you to build and tone your muscle. What we’re after is hard-core strength, and in order to do this you need to train with weights that are heavier and allow you to do less amounts of reps.

2. Don’t Stop When You’re Comfortable

In order to keep increasing your strength, you will need to keep increasing the weights that you are lifting every few weeks, even if you feel that they might be too heavy. This is the only way for your muscles to adapt to heavier weights. But don’t go on and believe you’re the hulk and do it on your own, make sure that you have a friend with you to help support you if you can’t handle the load anymore, because every superhero needs a sidekick.

3. Make Things Complicated

Now when we say this, we mean that one should make use of compound movements that utilize various muscles in one go. Don’t waste your time with exercises that isolate one muscle in your calf or bicep, rather go all the way and see the results. The 2 most used complex movements that you should incorporate in your workouts are bench presses and squats.

4. Static Contraction

This exercise might seem as if it is useless, but it has been proved to help you build strength and works by getting you to pull or push against an immovable object. Some examples of static contraction exercises include doing a bench or leg press with weights heavier than you usually use and lifting or pushing the weight and holding it in position (without any up and down movement) for as long as you can.


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