CrossFit: Still a Global Game-Changer for Every-Day Fitness

February 25, 2016

CrossFit: Still a Global Game-Changer for Every-Day Fitness

The CrossFit Open is just around the corner! Can you feel the tension? Every CrossFitter is waiting in anticipation to see what kind of 'gut-wrenching' horror HQ is going to surprise us with. It’s going to be five weeks of excruciating pain… and we are pumped up for it!

How has CrossFit changed the game?

Most CrossFitters will agree that the sport has a lot to do with pushing your limits. It seduces us by offering up a challenge, a chase, but only allows us to proceed by taking us out of our comfort zones. This is often a deadly combination!  

Yet, how has CrossFit changed the game for every-day global fitness?

In my opinion, CrossFit upped the ante by cultivating a camaraderie and culture built around one of the driving forces of our entire civilisation…competition.
CrossFit adds quantifiable elements through which we can measure ourselves and compete against others. We love it! The desire to win … the fear of losing. Like engines they drive us to push the boundaries of what we first thought our own capabilities to be. CrossFit changed fitness because it made it a sport, the sport of fitness.
The advance and progress we have made in recent times in terms of human performances is truly amazing. People are performing at a level previously only dreamed of.

The types of training. The level of science. The systematic approaches to nutrition.
All these factors have contributed to taking fitness to new heights. A new benchmark has been set. New horizons have opened up. And in my opinion, CrossFit is directly responsible for this.
By introducing workout structures such as EMOMS, AMRAPS and Tabatas, the competitive edge has been brought into the every-day training environment. The average CrossFitter goes to his/her local box after work. They do a quick ‘Murph’, then go home and make dinner for the family. If you think about it, and what that actually entails, it is crazy!

I salute you all!

So this week we celebrate the Open, not just for CrossFit, but for fitness in general. CrossFit continues to push the boundaries of what we have believed, thought and accepted was possible.

Just that demands respect!