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5 reasons why you should use multi-joint exercises

5 reasons why you should use multi-joint exercises

Strength is something that is built over time, but to get the most gains from your time spent in the gym you need to employ the right combination of movements. Although there are many approaches to...

Training4 Tips on Building Strength

4 Tips on Building Strength

There are probably thousands of blogs out there that focus on getting ripped abs, explosive power and extreme endurance, but many of them focus on the exercises and not so much on how to actually b...

TrainingCalisthenics 101

Calisthenics 101

Even though Calisthenics has been around since 600BC (yes, it’s that old), it has made a huge comeback over the past decade. Once part of the main workout routines for the Spartan warriors at a tim...

Training3 Outdoor Gym Concepts

3 Outdoor Gym Concepts

Lets face it, not everyone likes to train in conventional gym surroundings. You already spend most of your valuable time indoors or commuting from A to B. Why be confined by your fitness space? In ...