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What is Gym Concepts up to at Somerset Lakes Estate?

What is Gym Concepts up to at Somerset Lakes Estate?
Gym Concepts integrates trends in outdoor fitness with gym concept design to give the outdoor fitness community more training options. We are currently constructing an outdoor fitness facility at the pristine Somerset Lakes Estate in Somerset West. Read more about this project, our thinking behind it, the different fitness zones and what they entail.

Outdoor sports junkies want more training options!

There's no doubt about it - South Africans as a nation love to exercise and stay fit. We all know that exercising in the great outdoors is an awesome release from the everyday grind. It gives you a healthy dose of Vitamin D and fills your lungs with oxygen.

Most of us get our outdoor fix by leaving home, whether you go running up Lions Head in Cape Town, take your mountain bike off-road in the Magaliesberg, or escape the city to go bouldering in the Cederburg. Now imagine being able to re-connect with Mother Nature every day after work without having to travel more than a few hundred meters!

Fitness options closer to home


Gym Concepts has been working hard on integrating trends in outdoor fitness with more coherent gym concept designs. Our specialists are currently hard at work deploying a major outdoor fitness facility at Somerset Lakes Estate in Somerset West and it’s going to be awesome!

At Gym Concepts we are currently working on a project that integrates our love for the outdoors with functional fitness. In collaboration with the developers of Somerset Lakes, we are constructing an outdoor training park that incorporates the natural beauty of the surrounds. The park will consist of three trail routes as well as three distinct zones:

• An outdoor and calisthenics gym
• A 20-piece warrior obstacle course
• Two free-standing functional training areas

The designers from Gym Concepts explain that there is more to this project than simply hammering a few pieces of wood and steel together.

"In designing this course, our focus was to ensure that the final product was not only aesthetically pleasing, but safe to use whilst providing the community with a variety of training options. We integrated the forest area as part of the Warrior course, with the outdoor gym area overlooking the lake. The various training settings integrate well with the natural beauty of the estate."

We are looking forward to seeing the final result, and participating in a few obstacle course races here ourselves! Watch this space... 


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