3 Cross-training workouts sure to heat up your summer

December 01, 2016

3 Cross-training workouts sure to heat up your summer

Nothing compliments a tapered diet more than a good old-fashioned full-body workout. We asked South Africa’s 2016 CrossFit Open winner, Johanni Hugo Taljaard, for her three go-to workouts that are sure to help you shed that winter weight and get your body summer-ready.

Summer is here!

We all love winding down the year, hitting the beach, living outdoors and enjoying well-deserved time off with family and friends. At the same time, summer can be intimidating. Waking from your dormant winter sleep you realise that the few extra layers that kept you warm are not limited to a couple of now tight-fitting and crumb-infested jerseys. So, you franticly start dusting off your running shoes, renew your neglected gym membership and scour the internet for the best weight-loss tips.

The question - what kind of exercise will get you summer-ready and sustain you over the indulgent season?

Although weight-loss is a “what-you-put-in-your-body” kind of game, nothing compliments a tapered diet more than the calorie-burn of a good, intensive full-body workout. With the information overload out there, however, it really is difficult to know what exercises work and how to structure your session. We have all been there! That is why we went straight to an expert.

As an ex-gymnast, practicing biokineticist, personal trainer, winner of the South African CrossFit Open in 2016, CrossFit Regionals athlete and level-one trainer, Johanni Hugo Taljaard has seen it all in terms of fitness.

We asked her for three burners to get us going for the summer. They may seem challenging at first, but with a bit of determination they are sure to give you that gold nugget feeling you are looking for. As always, consult a doctor before engaging in any strenuous exercise and be safe rather than sorry.

Workout 1

Structure: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 (Reps)
Exercise: Front rack lunges followed by lateral bar burpees (do burpee lateral to the barbell / jump over the bar between each rep) – repeat through above structure.
Weight: Recommended – 40kg for men / 25 kg for women
Scaled: Do it without weight or a lighter weight for beginners. Even use a kettlebell or dumbbell like a goblet for the lunges and jump over an exercise mat if you don’t use a barbell.

Workout 2

Structure: Work for 2min / rest for 2min. Aim for 5 rounds (count your reps and compare them to the next time you do the workout)
Exercise: 200m row (or run) followed by as many reps as possible of kettlebell swings
Weight: Recommended – 24kgs for men / 16 kg for women
Scaled: use a lighter weight or do less rounds.

Workout 3

Exercise: 100 skips with jump rope
50 butterfly sit-ups
100 skips with jump rope
40 squats without weight
100 skips with jump rope
30 box/chair dips
100 skips with jump rope
20 pushups
100 skips with jump rope
10 pullups

Scaled: If you can’t do pullups, use a rubber band or try a supine row with a TRX-band or gymnastic rings.
Scale-up: To make it more difficult, try double-under skipping.

So there you have it. If you are looking for some CrossFit essentials or are trying to get your home gym-ready, browse our site further for all your gym-equipment needs.