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Home Treadmill

The BenchMark Home Treadmill offers a composite polymer running belt with suspension graded shock 

absorption and scientific noise reduction. A wider and thickened 15T running board provides multiple support for the knee joint and shin.

The thickened base plate is manufactured from high-quality steel, providing a safe, stable and quality workout every time.


Power Saving

Professional motor surging power

Integrated power saving 

High-speed noise reduction

Continuous stable surging power

2.0HP - Peak Power

60dB - High Speed / Low Noise 


Protection Assured

Protection 1: Front suspension

Protection 2: High-elastic damping plate

Protection 3: Shock-absorbing silicone placed in the center of running plate

Protection 4: A thickened shock-absorbing running plate

Protection 5: Rear suspension



Enlarged widened IPAD holder

Stable for both Pad and Phone

Free switch between landscape and portrait

Easily watch TV while working out


Technical Parameters:

Read Out: Time, Distance, Calories, Speed

Heat Display: 0-999Kcal

Distance Display:  0.00-99.9km

Time Display: 00:00-99:59

Maximum User Weight: 100kg

Running Area: 420mm x 1200mm

Maximum Speed: 12km per hour





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