TRX® Rip Trainer

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TRX® Rip Trainer

Core strength like never before. A favourite among major league players, the TRX® RIP TRAINER® is an innovative weighted bar and resistance bungee duo for your home gym that frees you to move in every direction to work the abs, obliques, backs, and hips while building up your speed, agility, and balance. It’s the ultimate tool for any athlete who wants to generate rotational power (and spine health) for bat, club or racquet sports while rounding out their strength training. As for the non-athlete—build long, lean muscles and ramp up your cardiovascular endurance in unparalleled ways—all with a simple design that weighs just a few pounds and goes anywhere you go.


  • TRX RIP Trainer
  • Door Anchor
  • Medium resistance cord
  • Safety strap
  • 6-year warranty

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