REBEL Swiss Barbell

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REBEL Swiss Barbell

The newest addition to our range of high performing barbells, the REBEL Swiss Bar is a quality, versatile barbell for strength training. The REBEL Swiss Bar is designed with a set of vertical handles on either side of an angled handle, to provide a range of grip options during training. The unique design of the barbell allows for a neutral grip position during press and row strength movements which reduces strain on the shoulders, elbows and wrists. The various grip options also allow an athlete to target specific muscle groups – movement/exercise options include bench press, incline press, floor press, shoulder press, bent over rows and even strongman style clean and jerks.



Total weight 15kg
Total Length 2130mm
Tensile strength 150kg
Load limit 200kg
material Q235 Steel
Shaft length 1770mm
Sleeves Steel
Sleeve diameter 48mm
Sleeve length 355mm

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