REBEL WoD Barbell 2.1

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REBEL WoD Barbell 2.1

The Rebel WoD Barbell 2.1 is the perfect weightlifting barbell for the athlete seeking reliable quality, durability, and performance. The barbell of choice for the hard-working environments of home gyms, CrossFit boxes, functional fitness and strength & conditioning gyms. The WoD Bar 2.1 has two distinct differences to the WoD Bar 2.0 – Load limit has increased in both the mens and womens bar, and the sleeves have been fitted with a silicone band allowing for easy differentiation between the 15kg (yellow band) and 20kg (blue band) variants. This barbell features ten needle bearings and a brass bushing per side. This ensures a premium, smooth feel and free spinning bar making it perfect for Olympic weightlifting.

Total weight 20kg/15kg
Total Length 2200mm/2010mm
Load limit 680kg/450kg
Material High quality spring steel
Shaft diameter 28mm/25mm
Shaft length 1300mm
Sleeve diameter 50mm
Sleeve length 415mm/315mm

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