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Cross Fit is a high intensity interval training workout that makes use of functional movements to increase strength, stamina and fitness. A well-equipped Cross-Fit box offers maximum functionality to achieve the versatile experience the sport offers. 

A wall-mounted or free-standing rig, with wall ball targets, is a must have to ensure a stable foundation. With this base, your box needs essentials like Olympic Weightlifting bars and bumper plates, J-cups and storage. Throw some GHDs, kettlebells, wall-balls, Air Bikes and Concept2 rowers into the mix and you are setting yourself up for some hardcore metcons!

Just don't forget the flooring. Quality gym flooring offers a buffer when weights get dropped and therefore prolong the life of your bumpers, bars and other conditioning equipment. Alternatively, you can look at a weightlifting platform to enhance the functional fitness experience.

If you are looking for affordable Cross Fit and functional gym equipment in Cape Town for your CrossFit box, functional training facility or garage gym, then you have come to the right place. Gym Concepts is always fully stocked with a wide range of rigs & racks, gym flooring, weightlifting equipment, strength & conditioning equipment, as well as functional-training accessories.

Not in Cape Town? Don't worry! We ship our affordable sports equipment across South Africa and beyond its borders! Browse our online store to find the best deals on quality functional gym equipment in South Africa, or contact us today for a free gym equipment quote.

Rest assured, when it comes to gym equipment, we can always get you what you want, on time, every time!

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