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Known as the “Sport of Fitness”, CrossFit has taken the world by storm, evolving to become a phenomenon beyond a mere fitness trend. CrossFit has provided fitness enthusiasts with a new lust for life, fitness professionals with a new and exciting domain in which to ply their trade, and the gym equipment industry with a new specialised market for functional fitness equipment.

The CrossFit Box has revolutionised both exercise and the way you can design and equip a gym space. Gym Concepts has grown from its experience on the frontlines of this rapidly evolving terrain. Our experience in setting up CrossFit boxes, as well as hosting Reebok CrossFit events, has given us key insight into this particular market. When we consult we try to get a feel of what the client's needs are and customise accordingly. The equipment needs to be the right spec in order to the give max usage and life span.


CrossFit Gym 3D Render  CrossFit Gym 3D Render



A central focus of any CrossFit box is the rigging and flooring. Rigging forms the foundation around which you programme your workouts and on which you perform them. Structures can either stand freely, or be mounted to a wall.

TRX attachments, gym rings, benches, dipping stations, wall ball targets and landmine sleeves can all be features that attach to your rig. Barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbbells and plyometric boxes are essential pieces and should be neatly stored, close at hand. Storage options such as bumper-plate racks, Olympic barbell holders and boxes can be integrated onto the rig or around the space to create a complete set-up that caters to strength training and metabolic conditioning. With the right combination of attachments one can construct a functional gym in an area as small as 12m x 2m.

The right flooring is essential for the CrossFit box, due to the excessive dropping of weights. Make sure you budget accordingly. You don’t want to skimp out on your flooring.




CrossFit Layout Image  CrossFit 3D Render

CrossFit 3D Render  CrossFit 3D Render