Rugby Conditioning

Rugby Conditioning


Strength, power, speed, agility, endurance – these are the pillars of high performance in the dynamic and competative contact sport that is rugby. True gains are not made on the practice field alone, but through diligent time spent in the gym.


Gym Concepts offers an end-to-end solution to design, equip and maintain high-performance rugby conditioning facilities for schools and clubs.


Conditioning Ensures Victory and Safety

Resistance-training and physical conditioning lay the foundation for consistent performance. Not only does sports-specific conditioning help to build stronger, faster and more powerful athletes; the right kind of training programme is integral to prevent injury and ensure recovery.


The Right Knowledge Meets the Right Equipment

In order to remain competitive you need the right knowledge, the right tools and the right fitness environment. This is why Gym Concepts and AlphaState have partnered with renowned conditioning coach, Inus Keyser to develop a comprehensive Rugby Conditioning solution that will push this sport to a new height, and level the playing field across South Africa.

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Industry Knowledge & Winning Track Record for Comprehensive Facility Design

Inus Keyser Rugby Conditioning Expert

Inus Keyser joins Gym Concepts' Rugby Conditioning division as its lead consultant.

As head conditioning coach for the extremely successful Grey College Bloemfontein’s u/19 First Rugby Team, Inus has made his mark on South African Rugby. He brings with him his vast knowledge of sports-specific resistance training and physical conditioning to advise on how to take your school or club’s training and facility to a new height.

With the right tools housed within the right enabling gym environment, your coaches will be able to explore the most innovative ways of empowering their players. 




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Rugby Conditioning