Gym Concept Design Services

Getting to Grips with Gym Concept Design

Just as a physical exercise regimen is designed to shape and mould the body, so too a fitness facility should be designed to meet the needs and goals of its users. Different needs make for different designs. 

Layout and spatial flow are key components as they both facilitate the functional use of the space and instill that “wow!” factor that will create a community of proud and satisfied customers. The proper use of lighting, flooring, colour and texture enhances any experience as the space in which exercise takes place comes to life.

Whether you need us to help you design a commercial, functional, home, garage,or outdoor gym facility we will make sure that it suits all your needs. We will create a space that is not only an investment into your health, but where your equipment also benefits from creative and intelligent spacial planning. 

What Gym Concepts can offer you

We offer innovative holistic solutions for the conceptualisation, customisation and assembly of commercial, functional and home-based fitness facilities. At Gym Concepts we have found that the best way to facilitate the design and layout of your training facility is through 3-D Modeling. In this way an expert can help you design a functional space that caters directly to your needs and budgetary requirements. Filling a space has never been this easy, thanks to intelligent layout and design solutions. Having a three-dimensional model at hand helps planning and makes assembly and future upgrade easier and more cost effective.

If you feel that its time to use the services of an experienced gym equipment and design store, Gym Concepts can help streamline the process of making your training space a reality in no time!

Please contact Marc regarding designs, layouts and customisation options at   ✉   or   ✆ 083 500 8979