AlphaState Basic Home Rig + Attachments


AlphaState Basic Home Rig + Attachments

AlphaState rigging and attachments offer maximum functionality in building scalable functional training spaces for home gyms, boutique gyms, functional and CrossFit training facilities, as well as commercial gyms.

The AlphaState Basic Home Rig is a simple solution perfect for your home training space. The wall-mounted rig is assembled from two upright beams and a single crossbeam. With J-cups included, the rig offers squatting functionality, as well as pull-up functionality, and easily integrates equipment pieces such as gym rings and suspension trainers. With the addition of a landmine sleeve and dip horn, this basic version of the rig pushes your training to the next level. 

Add two more uprights and a single crossbeams to easily turn this wall-mounted rig into a freestanding fitness centrepiece in your home gym.


- 2 x 3.0m AlphaState Upright Beam

- 1 x 1.1m AlphaState Single Crossbeam

- AlphaState J-cups pair

- AlphaState Dip Horn

- AlphaState Landmine Sleeve

*Bar and plates not included


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