AlphaState Mid-floor Rig Station


AlphaState Mid-floor Rig Station

Rigs have become essential features of any modern functional fitness facility. Mid-floor rigs are free-standing, allowing users to make use of the space around the rig and offering more room for creating work stations. This mid-floor rig station offers maximum functionality and can be used to perform a variety of calisthenics and gymnastics exercises such as pull-ups, muscle-ups and hanging knee raises. Use cross beams to hang rubber bands, gymnastics rings or suspension trainers. With J-cup attachments integrated right into your upright beams, you acquire a complete functional gym solution in one open space.


- 6 x 2,7m upright beams

- 5 x 1,8m single crossbeams

- 2 x 1,1m single crossbeam

- 2 x J-cup pair

- 1 x Bolt pack

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