Battle Ropes (9m & 15m)

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Battle Ropes

These Battle Ropes are made to be tough and withstand the brutal punishment you’ll put them through. This fitness tool is an ideal addition to any home or commercial gym space due to the many benefits it provides. It will have athletes targeting their core whilst increasing strength, power and endurance – leaving them shattered after a good workout. You can use Battle Ropes with exercises such as rope pulls, spirals and whips but to step it up a notch add burpees, squats and lunges. The possibilities with this dynamic piece of equipment are endless. The product features over-sized handles to allow you a larger grip or to perform modified exercises.

Available in lengths of 9m and 15m.


  • Over-sized handles
  • Waterproof nylon cover
  • Sealed ends
  • Lengths: 9m or 15m
  • Diameter: 38mm

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