BenchMark Groundbase Line ISO- Lateral Back Extention


Groundbase Line: ISO-Lateral Back Extension

The Groundbase Line: ISO-Lateral Back Extension is a state-of-the-art exercise machine designed for serious weightlifters and commercial gyms. With its unique iso-lateral movement, it allows for equal strength development and isolated muscle targeting on both sides of the body. The machine features adjustable resistance levels and seat positions for a personalized workout experience. The groundbase design provides added stability and safety, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting reliability. This machine is specifically designed to target the muscles in the lower back, providing an effective workout for those looking to build a stronger, more defined back. Whether you're looking to increase strength, prevent injury, or simply change up your workout routine, the Groundbase Line: ISO-Lateral Back Extension is a must-have addition to your gym or home workout setup.


Size :(L) 2100 x (W) 2050 x (H) 1170mm 


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