SMAI Ju Jitsu Flooring


SMAI Ju Jitsu Flooring 

The 20mm and 40mm SMAI EVA Jigsaw mat is available in a reversible colour option of red/blue with a non-directional interlocking log system that allows you to install your mats in any direction. The SMAI EVA Jigsaw mat has a Tatami finish (a traditional Japanese flooring style). Tatami offers a linear non-abrasive surface which requires consideration during installation to maintain a horizontal or vertical pattern which is easily the most popular surface in reference to Martial Arts.

SMAI 40mm mats are like the Rolex of EVA jigsaw mats. Quality, safety, comfort and durability are all properties of this product. By investing in 20mm or 40mm mats you’re buying yourself more than just extra padding, you’re buying peace of mind. Peace of mind to know you have the can utilize these for any number of things that involve more ground impact or a higher fall height. Our 40mm mats are used for combat training and tactical groundwork. You can now expand the range of Gymnastic work possible with the extra height in fall rating and in reference to Martial Arts you can now perform standing, grappling or throwing options with more commitment and confidence. Some styles would include Judo, BJJ, MMA, Jujitsu Karate, Taekwondo or Kung-Fu.

Each mat measures 100cm x 100cm x 20mm or 40mm

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