TRX® Slam Ball

TRX® Suspension Training® Solutions

TRX® Slam Ball

Make an impact. Filled with sand and 100% non-bouncy, this durable ball with a grippy rubber outer is the ultimate accessory for working out (and who are we kidding—working out some stress). Lift it overhead and slam it on the ground to work every muscle in your body while working up a sweat. Slam it sideways into a wall to amp up that rotational fire. Available in weights from 6-50 LBs.

*Note: TRX Slam Balls are filled with sand to retain their shape, weight, and sturdiness. Pumping air through the nozzle will damage the ball.

Product specifications:

  • Textured tread surface for slip-resistant grip
  • Filled with sand for shape and weight
  • Bounce-resistant construction for maximum metabolic training
  • 6-year warranty

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