G690 - Verde Treadmill


Verde Treadmill

VERDE is the industry’s first treadmill that is capable of harnessing human power and converting it to utility grade electricity. The sleek, non-motorized design combines supremely low friction and flat-slat belt to create an approachable unit that feels remarkably natural and comfortable. Utilizing both mechanical and electrical braking systems the VERDE™ allows walking, jogging, running, sprinting or sled pushing features that cater to a broad spectrum of users, from deconditioned to elite athletes and is capable of capturing up to 200 Watts/hour of energy.



- Non-motorized treadmills

- low, fixed degree incline

- Generous 21 x 58 inch (53.3 x 147.3 cm) running surface

- Slatted belt design

- Sled-push mode

- Standard contact heart rate

- Headphone jack with built-in volume control (x2)

- USB Port for device charging

- Optional SA WELL+™ workout tracking function

- Numeric keypads

- 3-speed fan



- Weight: 528 lbs / 240 kg

- Dimensions: 213 x 90 x 165.8 cm

- Running Area: 58 x 21 in / 147.32 x 53.34 cm

- Speed Range: 2–10 mph / 3.2–16 kph

- User Weight: 330 lbs / 149 kg

- Drive Motor: Non-motorized

- Read outs: Calories, Time, Distance, Cal/HR, Mets, Pace, Human Watts, Heart Rate, Your Speed, Target Speed, Resistance, Instant Watt To Grid

- Goals: Time, Distance, Calories, Watt-Hour To Grid

- Workout mode: Run/Push

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