Gymway Elite Weightlifting Bar 15kg

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Elite Weightlifting Barbell 15kg


GYMWAY has been producing mid-range and high-performance, private-label bars for many years; longer than most of today’s popular, USA-based manufacturers have even been in business. That is to say, the name may not ring any bells, but GYMWAY is not at all new to the game.  With over 30 years of manufacturing free-weight equipment, with much time invested in product development and testing, GYMWAY barbells are world-class equipment pieces with a track record of excellence.

The GYMWAY Elite Weightlifting Barbell is an Olympic training bar; a bushing-based, 28 mm bar intended to be used for training the snatch and the clean and jerk. Olympic training bars like the Elite are designed and intended to be high-performance, cost-effective alternatives to the expensive needle bearing bars. 

Although it's focus may be Olympic weightlifting, the Elite Bar is strong and versatile bar that can still be purchased and used as your everything-bar. A real quiver-killer. There is literally no reason why a weightlifter (or Cross Trainer) would have to have any other barbell in their quiver, handling both Olympic land non-Olympic lifts (squat, rows, presses, etc.)

The GYMWAY Elite Weightlifting Barbell is manufactured from high-grade Taiwanese alloy steel. Its shaft is coated in matt chrome and the sleeves are chrome-plated. This dynamic barbell is a great cost-effective option for athletes that want to take their weightlifting to the next level. The barbell has been designed in accordance with IWF compliant specifications.



Capacity Bar Length Rotation System Bar Weight Shaft Diameter
1200lb 201cm Copper Bushing 15kg 25mm

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