Synergy Air Power Climber

    • Patented integrated continuously variable transmission
    • Power range of up to potentially over ten million watts at 150 steps/min
    • Automatic step range of movement variability up to 700mm
    • Handles allow user to effective anchor themselves during high load sprints and strength movements

    The Synergy Air Power Climber is our take on a modern version of the recognised step action, well known from all modern fitness and health clubs.

  • The Synergy Air Power Climber (PC) is Synergy Air’s take on the recognised step action machinery common in modern fitness and health clubs.

    Similar to the Power Tower, Synergy Air has created an incredibly tough and sustainable climber that combines continuously varied transmission technology with a turbine.

    True to its name, the Power Climber knocks any competition out of the park with the ability to generate up to 10 million watts of power. Handlebars are located to help you pull yourself down, thereby creating more force and a better drive. With a slight variation in angle the user leans forward, creating more posterior chain work and allowing for the gluteus and hamstrings to work harder.

    With a 25-year warranty on the frame and smart app technology akin to the Power Tower, this powerful piece of equipment is a long-term investment in powering you to new heights in your fitness regimen!

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