Synergy Air Power Tower

Synergy Air

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    • Patented integrated continuously variable transmission
    • Power range of up to potentially over one million watts at 150 rpm
    • Automatic range of movement variability up to 650mm
    • Multiple operational modes, including:
      • Total body climbing
      • Lower body climbing
      • Upper body hang pull and push press
      • Upper body reciprocal hang pull and push press
      • Lower body reciprocal chest press and row
      • Deadlift and pushdown
  • The (PT) is Synergy Air’s new take on an old boy. With over 20 years of proven duration, Synergy Air has given this old boy a new look and a complete different output potential.

    The PT makes use of the patented integration of Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and air turbine, which allows for an unprecedented range of power to be generated. Through a smooth transition the Power Tower produces anything from 14 watts up towards 1.5 mill watts.

    This sophisticated and versatile machine is therefore perfectly scalable, catering to the elite athlete and pensioner alike. While strength, aerobic or anaerobic training potential are all integrated into this one piece of equipment, the Power Tower furthermore offers the user the ability to also engage in coordination practice, metabolic conditioning and toning. With a simple change of handles and foot plates, and supported by an additional power-band and body weight ring system, a user is able to produce hundreds of different exercises that target different areas of the body unilaterally or bilaterally.

    The Power Tower is, therefore, the perfect all-in-one piece of fitness equipment, catering to commercial, functional or home-based fitness environments. Requiring less than 1 square meter of space and no energy or chords to run, the Power Tower is both space-effective and environmentally friendly. An attractive value-add is the smart app technology with mini-pad and customisable screen. An app provides the user with accurate feedback, including required measurements and a log of up to 100 workouts stored in the cloud. This cloud-based technology allows for real time software updates and the ability to connect users to a global community through friendly competition over the Internet. With 2 or 3 users working both on and off the machine, the Power Tower caters to individual as well as group settings. With endless possibilities - High intensive training, strength, rehab, pensioners class –the Power Tower allows for creativity and variation, all on one piece of powerful equipment. Empower yourself or your clients through investing in this durable, versatile and top of the range piece of exercise equipment. With the Power Tower you may not need to invest again!

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