SMAI AirFit Bike 2.0


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    The SMAI AirFit  2.0 is the standard in air bikes. Influenced by current air bike models on the market, incorporating only the most prized features of each. Features include:

    • Adjustable seat with added comfort for long workouts
    • Works the upper and lower body simultaneously
    • Fan blades are placed at specific areas of the wheel to increase the resistance as the speed increases
    • The computer tracks calories burned, measures time, sets time limit to a workout and shows distance covered.
      Constructed to withstand the extended sessions you’re bound to have on this beast, this Air Bike is made of high tensile steel and weighs 53kgs. At a fraction of the cost of our competitors and made with the same quality materials the choice is simple.


      Be aware of any changes in the sound of your Air Bike when in use. This will ensure a small issue will not eventuate into a major issue causing the bike to require major repairs or worse become unable to use. If you notice a change in the way the bike sounds or feels in use please report this to as soon as possible.

      Your Air Bike will require a small amount of cleaning after use to avoid moisture corroding any small parts of the bike over long periods of use. Wipe down with mild soapy water and dry off with a clean towel.