SMAI Glute Ham Developer (GHD)



The SMAI GHD is the ultimate piece of equipment for accessory movements. Due to the sedentary lifestyle that most of the western world leads nowadays coupled with the hours upon hours of sitting most people do for work or leisure, it’s no surprise there is a trend in glute and hamstring underdevelopment. This is due to the hips and knees staying in a flexed position for an extended period of time, causing the glutes to stay in a lengthened state and the hamstrings in a tight flexed state. The glutes often become difficult to fire or get to work voluntarily while the hamstrings become so tight that they unable to fully lengthen and get full contraction.

It’s very quickly apparent if you have a weak posterior chain, bad form in the deadlift, squats, pistol squats, lunges or over fatiguing in the quads but not feeling it anywhere else. This is where the SMAI GHD comes in! to fully utilize this unit;

- Place your feet on the footplate between the leg pads
- Rest knees onto the comfortable oversized foam pads
- Drape yourself all the way over till the top of your head is aiming the floor
- Now you’re in position, to execute the movement;

Extend at the hips until your face is now facing the ground
Keeping your hips at extension and not over extending flex at your knees until torso is vertical
This movement is difficult to perform with correct form for beginners so some people will use a power band for assistance and attach to the back of the footplate.

The linear bearing footplate can adjust up/down 7 ways and 14 forward/back positions with ease making this unit completely accommodative for all shapes and sizes. By simply pulling the pop-pin you can adjust the linear bearing footplate forward or back in under 2 seconds and to get on or off use the standing plate.

(Measurements: Unit weight 71kgs, max height 135cm, length 177cm, unit width 82cm, handles width 90cm)

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