Synergy Air Speedfit Treadmill

    • Patented curve design
    • Self-powered environment friendly treadmill
    • Optimises running drills and encourages posterior chain recruitment
    • Recruits more muscles in body than normal treadmill 
  • Building on the original design by Alex Astilean, Synergy Air’s self-powered curve Speedfit Treadmill is your top of the range treadmill for commercial, functional and home-based fitness settings. It offers a unique way of learning to run by developing better technique while using the forefoot style.

    Its self-powered belt system forces its users to work harder in order to maintain the momentum of walking or running. It can, however, also achieve unprecedented speeds! This makes the Speedfit an excellent choice for true anaerobic training. 

    On other curve treadmills a steep curve hampers the ability to decelerate quickly. The problem is then mitigated with a flywheel, which makes it difficult to begin running. With the Speedfit there is just enough curve to engage the posterior chain but also to create a smooth running feeling. This ensures easy acceleration and deceleration and sets the Speedfit apart from other market competitors.

    Whether you want to escape the beating sun, are stuck in a second floor apartment, or want to improve your running skills, the Synergy Air Speedfit will get you where you want to go in no time!

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