Tactical Weight Vest 10kg

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Tactical Weight Vest 10kg

This Tactical Weight Vest is a comfortable close body fitment with easy adjustment. Made from high quality materials with laser cut steel sheet inserts that can be added or removed to adjust the weight of the vest. The steel plates have a tapered top design for close body fitment and are secured within a triple internal closure so that they do not move under any sort of physical activity. The vest is padded on all internal components included chest padding, back padding and shoulder padding. The vest itself weighs 1.6kg unloaded and comes with 2x 4.15kg weight plates. Total combined weight of around 10kg +/- 300grams.

Warranty Period: 6 months

Exclusions: damage due to misuse of the product.
Maintenance: wipe clean and air dry. Not recommended for machine washing.

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