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Hybridity in Practice at Eden Fitness

Hybridity in Practice at Eden Fitness
In 2016 Gym Concepts had the privilege of consulting on and providing equipment for a unique fitness facility that has opened up its doors on the garden route in South Africa – Eden Fitness. Find out more about how Eden Fitness has become the poster-child for the hybrid gym concept.

The Hybrid Gym Concept

In August 2016 we introduced the Hybrid Gym Concept as an alternative model in the commercial gym space. In our opinion, hybrid gyms are the middle ground between the traditional commercial and more current functional training facility. By introducing the concept we tried to solve a problem - the one-dimensionality of commercial gyms. Hybrid gyms provide value:

• A high level of customisation helps to cut running costs.

• Functional and integrated exercise spaces cater to multidisciplinary workouts.

• Gym doors open up to a greater and more alternative customer base.

You can read more about the hybrid concept in our blog “Hybrid Gyms are the Future of Fitness”. In the interim, Gym Concepts had the privilege of consulting on and providing equipment for a unique fitness facility that has opened up its doors on the garden route in South Africa – Eden Fitness.

“The hybrid fitness experience”

Eden Fitness prides itself on being a fully functional commercial hybrid gym. In fact, they describe themselves as providing “the hybrid fitness experience” and can be seen as the first commercial gym of its kind in South Africa to really do so. The mind behind Eden Fitness, Ruben Burger, had a dream of building a world-class fitness facility where state-of-the-art equipment could be spread across specialised training areas that allowed for multi-disciplinary training. Our consultants worked closely with Ruben for over six months. Whether it was during training sessions in our gym in Stellenbosch or sharing a meal at his home in Mosselbay, the unique vision of this young entrepreneur finally emerged, resulting in a truly awesome facility.

Eight in one

By expertly planning the use of space and customising equipment options, the final product came to include eight specialised training areas, each kitted out with top of the range gym equipment that best caters to its users. While each component of the gym can stand alone, an open plan approach runs like a golden thread through the warehouse styled facility, making it easy to move from one discipline to another in a coherent yet free manner. Lets take a quick look at each section.

1. Cardio –Showcases the Pre-Core cardio range.

2. Commercial - Kitted out with the world famous, top-of-the-range and bio-mechanically minded Swedish GT range.

3. Functional Cross Training Gym – This high-performance facility has an 18m wall rig, premium GYMWAY weight-lifting equipment and Synergy Air conditioning equipment.

4. Free-weight – Includes a variety of dumbbells (over 50kgs) and barbells for the focused free-weight functionalist, a Smith Machine, Cable Crossover as well as the SL range plate-loaded leg press.

5. Functional – Here you find premium Kettlbells, Wallballs, GHD’s, rigging, bars and dumbbells.

6. Olympic-lifting - SMAI lifting platforms form the base of this section with premium Gymway bars and bumper-plates

7. Spinning - 17 Cascade spinning bikes.

8. Strongman - Interesting tools and contraptions devised to bring strongman training back into the gym.

We wish Ruben all the best for 2017 and are proud to have been such an intimate part in the making of Eden Fitness. If you would like to talk to one of our consultants about building your own custom hybrid facility contact us or head to Eden Fitness for a taste of the hybrid experience.

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