AlphaState Nemesis Series

The Nemesis Series is AlphaState’s flagship commercial line of selectorised, plate-loaded and cardio machines that have been designed with peak performance in mind. Perfect for the home or the fitness club, the Nemesis Series combines sleek design, superior performance and robust construction, entering the market at a price point that offers a wider audience access to the tools required to defeat their personal best.


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Assisted Chin/Dip - Nemesis SeriesAssisted Chin/Dip - Nemesis Series
Standing Assisted Chin/Dip - Nemesis SeriesStanding Assisted Chin/Dip - Nemesis Series
Diverging Lat Pulldown - Nemesis SeriesDiverging Lat Pulldown - Nemesis Series
Mid Row - Nemesis SeriesMid Row - Nemesis Series
Mid Row - Nemesis Series Sale priceR 32,764.51
Low Row - Nemesis SeriesLow Row - Nemesis Series
Low Row - Nemesis Series Sale priceR 32,764.51
Triceps Extension - Nemesis SeriesTriceps Extension - Nemesis Series
Triceps Dip - Nemesis SeriesTriceps Dip - Nemesis Series
Biceps Curl - Nemesis SeriesBiceps Curl - Nemesis Series
Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid - Nemesis SeriesPectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid - Nemesis Series
Chest Press Converging - Nemesis SeriesChest Press Converging - Nemesis Series
Pectoral Butterfly - Nemesis SeriesPectoral Butterfly - Nemesis Series
Lateral Raise - Nemesis SeriesLateral Raise - Nemesis Series
Pull-up Shoulder - Nemesis SeriesPull-up Shoulder - Nemesis Series
Shoulder Press Converging - Nemesis SeriesShoulder Press Converging - Nemesis Series
Back Extension - Nemesis SeriesBack Extension - Nemesis Series
Upper/Mid Abdominal Trainer - Nemesis SeriesUpper/Mid Abdominal Trainer - Nemesis Series
Lower Abdominal Trainer - Nemesis SeriesLower Abdominal Trainer - Nemesis Series
Rotary Torso - Nemesis SeriesRotary Torso - Nemesis Series
Multi Hip - Nemesis SeriesMulti Hip - Nemesis Series
Gluteus Maximus Trainer - Nemesis SeriesGluteus Maximus Trainer - Nemesis Series
Abduction Trainer - Nemesis SeriesAbduction Trainer - Nemesis Series
Adduction/Abduction Trainer - Nemesis SeriesAdduction/Abduction Trainer - Nemesis Series
Leg Extension - Nemesis SeriesLeg Extension - Nemesis Series
Standing Leg Curl - Nemesis SeriesStanding Leg Curl - Nemesis Series