Choosing the Right Treadmill

Choosing the Right Treadmill

A treadmill is a real investment. Making the right choice will determine the total cost of your new asset. How should you determine which treadmill fits your needs? 

The Total Cost of Ownership

When buying a treadmill it is important to know that you are investing in an expensive asset that has an expected useful life and depreciates over time.

Whether you are looking to kit out a larger commercial facility or just expand on your home gym, choosing the right treadmill with the right specs at the right price-point can be a daunting task. 

Beyond up-front costs, you need to take into account maintenance, replacement parts, power consumption, warranty and wear and tear. All these variables impact the longevity of your asset and can increase, or decrease, your total cost over time.

Before you buy a new treadmill you should first consider the following questions:

• Which treadmill is best suited for my specific needs?

• Will primary components such as the motor last?

• What are the maintenance requirements?

• Does the warranty give me peace of mind?

• How much power does this treadmill use and are there options that will decrease my running costs?

Although the cheaper option may look attractive at first, with a little more research you may find that spending a bit more up front decreases your total cost of ownership over time.

SportsArt Makes Choosing Easy

SportsArt treadmills

At Gym Concepts we understand the difficulties associated with choosing the right fitness equipment. When it comes to treadmills; quality, durability, performance, price-point and look-and-feel all impact the final choice.

Having considered our own experience in running and setting up different kinds of fitness facilities over the last decade, we have tried to make it a little easier for you by only stocking what we consider to be the best cardio equipment on the global market - SportsArt.

SportsArt’s cardio offering is composed of three different tiers of products: Foundation, Performance and Status. Within each line you will find treadmills that combine innovative energy efficient components, robust durability, and cutting-edge design to create a one of a kind experience, workout after workout.

Foundation Series: T615 & T635 Light Commercial Treadmills

SportsArt’s Foundation Series provides durable and reliable units with unique space-saving designs and biomechanic excellence. These light commercial treadmills are priced for home, residential, studio and hotel gyms. However, their industrial-quality manufacturing provides dependability and functionality year after year.

Our two picks in this Series are the T615 and the T635A.

The T615 is SportsArt's entry level, light commercial treadmill geared toward the home user. The well crafted unit runs a 3 HP AC motor that offers up to 4 hours of use a day. MyFlex Plus™ deck cushioning provides 30% more shock absorption and carries a lifetime warranty. Its large 147.3 x 50.8 cm belt offers ample running room and is constructed from carbon-weave, low friction material that is resistant to static build up. The treadmill is perfect for home, residential, hotel and studio use. It comes with a Tri-colour LED console and can support up to 181kg user weight.

The T635A is more robust than the T615. Its 4 HP AC motor packs a bit more of a punch, driving a larger 155 x 55.9 cm belt. It sports a standard LCD console and comes with an additional contact heart rate standard and wireless Polar® HR receiver built-in. It comes with a Tri-colour LED console and can support up to 181kg user weight.

Check out the specs below for a better comparative perspective.

Light Commercial Treadmill Specs

Performance Series: T645L Commercial Treadmill

SportsArt’s Performance Series provides the perfect balance between cost and functionality, hosting the features and durability wanted at a price point that is comfortable for facility budgets including commercial facilities, larger hotel gyms and residential developments.

The T645L boasts a rugged 4 HP AC-Servo motor that uses 32% less electricity and requires less maintenance than standard AC or DC motors. It has a generous 155 x 55.9 cm running surface and includes a contact heart rate standard and wireless Polar® HR receiver, as well as an ECO-Glide™ auto lubrication system. Its Tri-colour LED console can be upgraded to a 16” SENZA™ touchscreen display. This intuitive console actively engages users by providing a streamlined approach to workouts, while allowing them to consume entertainment, their way.

Commercial Treadmill Specs

Status Series: T655L & T656 Energy Saving Options

Apart from industrial strength, durability and sleek design, SportsArt’s Status Series features three unique ways to improve your facility's energy consumption.

1. Recycle the energy created during a user’s workout with ECO-POWR™ products by capturing human exertion and turning it into usable electricity.

2. Reduce your energy consumption with SENZA™ or ECO-NATURAL™ products, using 32% less energy than competitor’s fitness equipment.

3. Refuse to use electricity entirely with self-powered ECO-NATURAL™ equipment.

The T655L is a robust commercial treadmill in SportsArt's SENZA™ line. It offers unparalleled durability combined with best-in-class warranty. A generous 157.5 x 55.9 cm running area is supported by MyFlex Plus cushioning and an ECO-Glide™ auto lubrication system. Its 5HP AC-Servo motor uses 32% less electricity and requires less maintenance. Like the lighter T645L, the T655L offers you the option of integrating SportsArt's premium SENZA™ technology and entertainment system in the form of a 19" touchscreen.

The T656 is your top of the range commercial treadmill and the only motorised machine in SportsArt's innovative ECO-NATURAL™ line. The sleek angles and premium features combine with a state-of-the-art 5.0 HP motor that uses 32% less energy to produce engaging and energy saving workouts that users can feel good about. The T656 stands out for its -3 to 15% incline range, 0.1 to 15 mph speed range, LCD console or optional 19" SENZA™ touchscreen.

Premium Commercial Treadmill Specs

Still Looking Around?

Buying the right treadmill is like buying a car. You need to take your time and really consider your options. On the other hand, you can get some peace of mind by speaking to the professionals. If you are looking for some more information, advice or options, please contact us so we can get one of our knowledgeable consultants to help you on your way.

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