BenchMark Groundbase Line ISO- Lateral Low Row


Groundbase Line: ISO-Lateral Low Row

The BenchMark Groundbase Line ISO-Lateral Low Row is a high-performance exercise machine designed for commercial gyms and serious weightlifters. With its groundbase design and adjustable resistance levels, it provides a safe and effective workout for your back, biceps, and forearms. The machine features an adjustable seat and grip position for a personalized workout experience, and its iso-lateral movement allows for equal strength development and isolated muscle targeting on both sides of the body. The low row position allows for a deep, targeted workout for your upper and middle back muscles. The sturdy construction and modern design of the BenchMark Groundbase Line ISO-Lateral Low Row make it a reliable and long-lasting investment in your upper body strength training regimen. Whether you're looking to increase muscle definition, prevent injury, or simply change up your workout routine, this machine is a must-have addition to your gym or home workout setup.


Size : (L) 1430 × (W) 1280 × (H) 1700mm 

N.W. : 125kgs

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