BenchMark Groundbase Line Seated Bicepts


Groundbase Line: Seated Biceps

The BenchMark Groundbase Line Seated Bicep Curl is a premium exercise machine designed for commercial gyms and serious weightlifters. With its groundbase design and adjustable resistance levels, it provides a safe and effective workout for your biceps, forearms, and upper arms. The machine features an adjustable seat and arm pad position for a personalized workout experience, and its smooth and controlled movement allows for isolated muscle targeting and strength development. The seated position helps to stabilize the body and reduce any stress on the lower back, making it an ideal choice for those with lower back pain or injuries. The sturdy construction and modern design of the BenchMark Groundbase Line Seated Bicep Curl make it a reliable and long-lasting investment in your upper body strength training regimen. Whether you're looking to increase muscle definition, prevent injury, or simply change up your workout routine, this machine is a must-have addition to your gym or home workout setup.


Size: (L) 1250 × (W) 1500 × (H )1370mm

N.W. : 100kgs

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