Rebel Power Rack


Rebel Power Rack 

The REBEL Power Rack is a must-have for any strength and conditioning facility, providing a robust floor mounted training rack. With a wide walk-in design. the REBEL Power Rack allows for freedom of movement and flexibility in training position with a range of racking accessories including the REBEL Spotter Arms, REBEL Dip Attachment, REBEL Landmine Attachment, REBEL Crossmembers as well as the REBEL Muscle Up Station and Front Foot Extension. The additional accessories turn the REBEL Power Rack into one of the most versatile training stations available. Whether your workout routine includes traditional strength training in the classic deadlifts, squats and presses or more dynamic strength training to bodyweight based movements. The REBEL Power Rack provides a solid training platform for almost every athlete to complete hundreds of different exercises.

The Power Rack Accessories are sold separately. 

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