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When we talk about commercial gyms, we are talking about large, equipment-intensive setups that cater to the mass fitness market. These giants of fitness generally need a large initial injection of capital to equip and maintain. The commercial gym model is built on memberships. Therefore, the credo “the more feet through the door the better!” holds particularly true for the commercial setup. Commercial gyms need to offer a variety of gym equipment and sports training options to a diverse clientele. Clients may vary extensively in their knowledge and levels of fitness. Designated training areas include gym machines such as cardio, plate-loaded and selectorised machines, free-weights, swimming, Yoga and Pilates, functional training, and even rehab.


3D render of commercial gym setup  3D render of commercial gym setup



When setting up a commercial space it is imperative to plan around the numbers of users that will be entering through your doors.

Flow, the optimisation of space, changing rooms and adequate storage facilities are important components of a holistic solution. Having enough cardio equipment, such as treadmills, rowers and ellipticals is essential. You don’t want members cueing or they will easily cross the road to join the competition. Due to the large amounts of traffic and high levels of wear and tear, quality, durable gym equipment and storage are paramount to ensure longevity.

A service level agreement for gym equipment maintenance will ensure that your equipment remains in working order after taking a day-in-day-out beating. Finally, you don’t want to skimp out on the shower facilities! Members need to easily move in and out of a clean, hygienic environment, without fuss or worry.

These are the essentials, the rest we can talk about when you give us a call!




Commercial Gym 3D Render  Commercial Gym 3D Render

Commercial Gym 3D Render  Commercial Gym 3D Render