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Maintenance and Repair

Gym Concepts offers specialist maintenance and repair services to add value to your investment.  We focus on extending the life of your commercial and functional gym equipment, so that you don't have to. The relationship is all structured in a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA), so you know you are covered.

Next Level Service

Gym Concepts has been in the industry for a while. We have, therefore, acquired an acute understanding of the important role routine maintenance plays in ensuring the longevity of equipment. Proper maintenance means you eliminate unnecessary replacement costs. We have selected a handful of technicians with specialised skillsets to service and repair your equipment on an on-going basis. This preventative service adds overall value to your gym concepts and ensures lasting client relationships.

Service Level Agreement

We offer a custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) that acts as a basic insurance policy for your investment. It amounts to a small monthly fee that insures that your equipment endures the many beatings it takes on a daily basis. We structure quarterly preventative-maintenance services where our team of specialists systematically service all commercial equipment, Airbikes, rowers, selectorised pieces and functional equipment. We then compile a report that will specify any issues or parts that need to be ordered. This is how you extend the life of your gym equipment.

Who should be interested?

This service is essential for gym owners looking at their investment from a business perspective. This includes functional cross training gyms, commercial gyms, boutique or home-based facilities, or fitness additions to hotels, universities or other commercial developments. Why spend more capital on costly repairs and replacements? Rather invest in our service and maintenance plan and ensure the prolonged useful life of your equipment.

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