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CEOs and other C-suite executives across the globe have become acutely aware of how employee health and wellness impact their bottom line. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Wellness programmes benefit business objectives on multiple levels. They help decrease absenteeism by boosting general health, or help increase productivity by ensuring better mental agility.

In this environment, corporate gyms are the foundation of a corporate wellness programme. Gyms represent the physical-fitness side of a wellness drive. They are a convenient and accessible means for employees to pursue their fitness goals, a space for relaxation or an outlet for frustration, and can be a place where relationships are built to buttress company cohesion.


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Corporate gyms need to cater to the needs of their users. Ease of access and use are essential. When setting up such a facility, it is important that the staff have easy access, can move swiftly through their training regimen, and get out feeling refreshed and positive. The space must be user-friendly and uncomplicated.

Plate-loaded or selectorised gym-equipment pieces make circuit training a great solution for general-public users who are strapped for time and lack an in-depth knowledge about exercise programming. Users can be sure that their basic fitness needs are covered without having to think too much about unnecessary complexities. Circuit training can be supported by a wide variety of cardio pieces, such as spinning bikes, treadmills and indoor-rowers, while some free-weights and benches cater to those looking for a more versatile strength-building offering.

Be sure to look after your investment with a standard maintenance and service programme. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry, we’ve got all this in place already. Our Service Level Agreement is like an insurance policy for your new investment. Contact us for more info!




Corporate Gym 3D Render  Corporate Gym 3D Render

Corporate Gym 3D Render  Corporate Gym 3D Render