Functional Gym Equipment

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Functional gyms have been increasing in popularity over the last decade. With its beginnings in the area of physical rehabilitation, this fitness concept has been embraced the world over, targeting core strength with the eye on performing everyday activities with ease. 

What are the equipment essentials for functional training facilities? 

Functional facilities offer school and sports coaches the ability to facilitate functional and sports-specific conditioning. By implementing multidimensional functional fitness regimens, athletes can increase their overall strength, stamina and fitness to better compete on a professional level.

1. Rigs

With a wall-mounted or free-standing rig in your facility, you can add wall ball targets, J-cups, GHD-attachments or landmine sleeves for additional functionality.

2. Weightlifting essentials

These include olympic weightlifting bars, assorted bumper plates, lock-jaw collars and suitable storage. If you want to step it up a notch, include weightlifting platforms and drop mats in the mix.

3. Strength training

Include an assortment of kettlebells, medicine balls and wall balls. 

4. Cardio equipment

Air Bikes and Concept2 rowers are essential for great metcon workouts.

5. Flooring 

Quality gym flooring offers a buffer when weights get dropped and prolongs the life of your bumpers, bars and other conditioning equipment. It also completes the overall look of your facility.