Hybrid Gyms

Hybrid Gym



Hybrid Gyms are our favourite gym concept!

We think that the hybrid model is the way of the future. This concept crosses conventional boundaries and includes the unexpected. While size may vary, it amalgamates elements of commercial, boutique and functional fitness design to create an innovative, no-holds-barred fitness space. It caters to a variety of fitness needs, but does not box itself in.

The hybrid-gym owner loves all manner of fitness and has the vision to combine various fitness disciplines into one solution.


Hybrid Gym 3D Render  Hybrid Gym 3D Render



Setting up a Hybrid Gym once again depends on the business model, space available and equipment needs. A cross-training circuit or weightlifting club can border on comprehensive commercial cardio facilities.

Users can easily move between fitness worlds without feeling restricted.

A Functional or Calisthenics rig can form the centrepiece of an open-plan space, surrounded by a variety of cardio, plate-loaded or selectorised machines, as well as free-weights. Personal trainers can make use of the versatility to offer their clients more value, while an open-plan flow does not restrict creativity.

The Hybrid Gym is a no holds barred bespoke solution for the fitness revolutionary. If that is you, give us a shout!




Hybrid Gym 3D Render  Hybrid Gym 3D Render

Hybrid Gym 3D Render  Hybrid Gym 3D Render