Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor Gyms



Outdoor training is on the rise. With a hard year of lockdown restrictions behind them, and continued concerns about COVID-19 transmissions, consumers have explored alternative ways to keep fit. While many have invested in home gym equipment and turned to online classes for guidance, even more have taken to venturing outdoors to escape gym memberships and get their fitness fix. According to one global study that surveyed 1,990 gym members from 120 different countries: “the primary way gym members plan to stay fit in 2021 is now outdoor activities like running, hiking, cycling etc.”

At first glance, the growing trend in outdoor fitness may be considered to have a potential negative impact on the commercial fitness space. We believe, however, that the demand for open air training should rather be viewed as a great opportunity. Outdoor gyms are an under resourced gym concept in both commercial and home settings. Whether you are looking to move beyond the confines of the walls of your commercial or home gym, or offer a serious value add to users in your multi-unit residential development, hotel or school, outdoor gyms are dynamic, multi-dimensional fitness solutions that can be easily customised to fit your need. 

With the opportunity presented, we think it’s time to escape the confines of indoor training by taking your fitness offering outdoors and turning dead space into productive space.


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When we talk about outdoor gyms, we are not referring to the conventional, free fitness facilities that resemble urban playgrounds in public spaces.

Gym Concepts designs and builds dynamic outdoor functional fitness facilities that offer users real options for cross-training, calisthenics and adventure exercise.

The foundation of a modern outdoor facility is a fully customisable cross-training or calisthenics rig. Rigs can either be the centre piece around which a cross-training fitness space is developed in a single location, or be distributed throughout a broader area as stations in a decentralised adventure course. With a magnitude of clip-on-clip-off equipment options available – e.g. landmine sleeves, suspensions trainers, GHDs, benches and wall ball targets - as well as outdoor flooring and storage options, the sky is the limit in terms of the design, layout and functionality of your unique outdoor gym concept.

Our experts will be glad to guide you through every step of the process, from conceptualisation to design and layout to implementation, so send us a quick message and we will get you and your members training outdoors in no time.




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