Gym Equipment & Facility Design Concepts

Who We Are

Gym Concepts is a proudly South African gym equipment supplier and fitness facility design crew. Our knowledge is built over more than a decade’s worth of experience in the functional and commercial fitness industries. Our vast experience has afforded us an in-depth knowledge of personal training, gym ownership, and the intricate business structures that surround these fitness domains. No matter where we find ourselves, we have always focused on building strong client relationships on the foundation of an elite service-based approach to dealing with business and people.

What We Are About

The idea behind Gym Concepts is to offer unbiased support and advice to those looking to open their own commercial, hybrid, home and garage gyms, as well as outdoor gyms. We believe that the gym space is the corner stone that supports the processes of attracting and nurturing clients. The right gym equipment in the right space can enhance functionality and increase user satisfaction! Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience in sourcing, selling, distributing and maintaining gym equipment. We have conceptualised our own gym spaces and helped others to do the same. We now offer our clients a fully integrated service built on the interrelated principles of “Design. Equip. Maintain”.

Our Values

At Gym Concepts we pride ourselves on the trusted relationships we have built and nurtured over time. We place a tremendous amount of energy into finding the best gym equipment and layout options to suit your needs. We believe that we succeed when you do and want you to gain value as quickly as possible from your investment. We offer a personalised service, which means that you benefit from one-on-one consultation with, and continuous guidance from our passionate sales team. For us to succeed we need you, this is why we trust in our relationships and believe in your dreams!