Case Study: Motley Crew Cross Fit

Functional Fitness



Cross Fit is a fitness-based lifestyle approach and sport that took the world by storm in the early 2000s. Known as the "Sport of Fitness", Cross Fit is "characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition" based on the systematisation and professionalisation of functional fitness.

The systematisation of functional fitness, and the continued innovation in the area of cross training, has changed the way exercise routines are approached, gyms are set up, and fitness products are offered to the general public.

The Cross Fit box emerged as a new business model and facility design concept which is centred on:

  • Large group classes performing exercise routines measured according to time.
  • Workout routines that combine calisthenics, weightlifting, powerlifting and cardiovascular exercises
  • A standard arsenal of functional strength and conditioning equipment as well as air-based cardio equipment.
  • A required spatial flow that allows for free movement of people with a multitude of exercises happening at the same time.



Motley Crew CF_Case Study(1920x1080).mp4 from Gym Concepts on Vimeo.

Motley Crew CrossFit (MCC) approached Gym Concepts with the aim of building a new facility in Cape Town that would redefine CrossFit in South Africa’s Mother City. Having been close to the growth of CrossFit in South Africa, it is needless to say that we were very excited!

According to MCC’s charismatic founder, Tyrone Hatch, Motley Crew strives to push the CrossFit fitness regimen, sport and community to a new height - CrossFit 2.0. We loved this concept and really appreciated the fire and tenacity in which Hatch approached his business and passion.

Apart from superior programming, community is central to the MCC approach. Since its inception, this Crew’s following has grown beyond merely the members that pack their classes on a daily basis. With over a 2000 followers on Instagram, MCC has defined itself as a dynamic team with an exceptional identity and community spirit.




MCC currently have four locations in South Africa. Gym Concepts was intricately involved in the setup of the first two gyms, which we profile here. Their first location was set up in a small space in De Waterkant, a business district in the centre of Cape Town.

Gym Concepts had a huge role to play. I put them under some pretty interesting time demands. Most companies wouldn’t be able to deliver, but they managed to always somehow make a plan.

 With limited floor space and the prospect of fully booked classes, the solution needed to strike the perfect balance between equipment and spatial flow. In terms of space, storage would be the final frontier: 




There is a lot of energy in a very small space, so when it came to designing the gym, we had some storage designs that we asked them to do in particular, and just had conversations with Thomas and the team to make sure that the gym would flow, to get as many people in as possible.

  • A wall-mounted barbell and bumper plate storage
  • Wall-mounted Concept 2 Rower Storage
  • Wall-mounted Wall Ball Storage
  • Ceiling attached adjustable gymnastics rings

 Equipment is obviously important for any CrossFit box. It is, however, not only the variety of equipment pieces that is central, but also their quantity and quality. In order to get the best bang for your buck you have to understand your sport and the demands that are put on the equipment. Our consultants worked hard with Hatch to find the perfect balance been quantity, quality and price-point.

  • Two wall-mounted rigs with squat and pull stations
  • Branded Wooden Plyometric Boxes
  • AlphaState Coloured Competition and HG Bumper Plates
  • SMAI Frac Plates
  • Alphastate Wall Balls and Slam Balls
  • Alphastate Competition and Cast Iron Kettlebells
  • Wooden Gymnastics Rings
  • Gymway Men’s and Women’s Cross-training Barbells
  • AlphaState Tech Barbells
  • Concept 2 Rowers
  • Assault Air Bikes
  • AlphaState Hex Dumbbells and Benches
  • Wall-mounted CrossFit Timer
  • GHD’s



  • 15mm High-density blue fleck flooring Flooring
  • Astro-turf


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It's all about relationships


In the end of the day it is the collaboration between people that determines whether an outcome is a success or failure. When knowledge and passion meet, great things emerge. We are proud of the solution created in collaboration with Motley Crew. But, even more importantly, we are proud of the great success that Motley Crew has become in such a short period of time, well done! If you are thinking about setting up your own cross fit box or functional training facility, contact us for a free consultation and 3-D Gym Render.