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Housing complexes are mixed-use property developments that offer residents an exclusive place to live, work, and play. Along with office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants and schools, gyms have become an essential component of this comprehensive and convenient life-style solution. A fully kitted gym facility does not only support a healthy life style, but adds real value to a homeowner’s goal of building a healthy balance between work and play.


Housing Development Gyms 3D Render  Housing Development Gyms 3D Render



This housing development gym solution is all about convenience and aesthetics. These gyms should offer patrons a convenient alternative to commuting too and from commercial gyms. They should be basic, but well equipped, functional and accessible. Ease of access allows patrons to save time in order for them to spend more quality hours with their families, or get on with their busy day.

An aesthetically pleasing space can be populated with a selection of attractive, yet cost-effective cardio, free-weight, plate-loaded or cable-based equipment. The right equipment combination guarantees the best use of limited space and offers a more favourable return on investment. The gym space needs to seamlessly integrate with the residential environment. This is why good sound-absorbing flooring is an essential investment. Service and maintenance is also important, but not always something you want to worry about after the fact. That is why Gym Concepts offers an after-sale gym equipment maintenance Service Level Agreement that covers all periodic maintenance and repairs of your gym equipment.

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Housing Development Gym 3D Render  Housing Development Gym 3D Render

Housing Development Gym 3D Render  Housing Development Gym 3D Render