Mini Bands Set


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Mini Bands Set

The Mini Band, commonly referred to as Glute Bands or Booty Bands, is a versatile resistance band that can be used within a workout or as a warm-up. Made from latex rubber and 55cm in circumference, Mini Bands are designed to be worn above or below the knees to help activate your hips, glutes and hamstrings, and target areas in your Glutes that would normally not be trained under a regular exercise regime.


The set includes 1 x blue, red and green bands.





  • 1mm thickness
  • Size: 275mm x 30mm x 1mm


  • 1.15mm thickness
  • Size: 275mm x 30mm x 1.15mm


  • 1.3mm thickness
  • Size: 275mm x 30mm x 1.3mm


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