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Boutique fitness studios have been exploding on the fitness scene for several years. In contrast to commercial gyms, these fitness studios offer a more personal touch to their members’ fitness experience. They are smaller, focus on one or two fitness areas, and offer exclusivity in the form of limited memberships, group exercise classes and personal training. Additional on-site services, such as a dietician and physiotherapist, add value to a comprehensive solution. For fitness professionals, like personal trainers, who are trying to get out of slogging away in large commercial environments, this business model is a less capital-intensive means of starting a personal brand.


3D Render of Functional Fitness Studio  3D Render of Functional Fitness Studio



Setting up a boutique fitness studio is highly dependent on the business model, space available and equipment needs. If a central focus is personal training, then equipment needs to cater to the trainers’ skills and goals.

Modern studios may consist of a variety of gym equipment options including selected cardio, plate-loaded or selectorised machines, and free-weights. The popularity of cross training has brought rigging options, barbells, kettlebells and plyo-boxes into the functional fitness space, making these studios versatile and multidimensional. Memberships, no matter how limited, are however still the mainstay of this gym model. It is therefore important to maintain a mix of accessible, popular equipment pieces, like treadmills, rowers and bikes, while also catering to specialised sports conditioning equipment favoured by some personal trainers.

To protect your investment it is important to develop and implement a well-structured gym equipment service plan. Gym Concepts offers this service in the form of a gym equipment maintenance Service Level Agreement for maintenance and repairs. It acts like an insurance policy to protect your investment. Let’s talk more about your ideas in person!




Functional Gym 3D Render  Functional Gym 3D Render

Functional Gym 3D Render  Functional Gym 3D Render