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Versatile, robust and affordable e-bikes engineered for Southern African lifestyles. Beach, bush, tee box, and beyond; tear up a trail, conquer a climb, cruise around the country club and along the coast on a Southbound e-bike that suits your lifestyle. Discover a range of best-in-breed e-bikes built to be enjoyed across every type of terrain South Africa has to offer.

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A mid-drive, hard-tail e-bike built to blaze trails both off and on the beaten track. The kudu comes with the durability, grip and handling for tackling technical sections and is lightweight and practical for cruising around the suburbs.


Powerful features


The kudu KING METER 5236 DISPLAY places all of your vital e-bike and riding data right in front of you. Includes five-speed pedal assist with app integration, USB charging port, and a water and dust resistant IP65.


The 100 mm Travel PEAK hydraulic lockable front fork is fine-tuned to take hard hits and rebounds well, so you can take on rougher terrain at speed.


The kudu is powered by a 48 volt, 14 AH LG lithium battery, boosting your riding time and range (up to 85 kms) beyond the limits – and back. And when it runs low, simply plug in, recharge, and go full speed all over again.


The robust design of the Rust Buster KMC Chain brings reliability and efficiency when handling any high-torque load from your kudu's drivetrain.


The 48 volt, 500 watt ANANDA midrive M100 rear hub motor offers everything you need from an e-bike. 100 Nm torque output effortlessly powers you up climbs and adds stability and drive by adjusting to your rhythm.


The kudu's SHIMANO deore 10 speed rapid fire shifter easily changes gears, so you can maintain traction for when you need it most – regardless of what terrain you’re on.


Weighing in at 26 kgs, the kudu's aluminium frame and 29" x 2.25" tyres contribute to its practicality and easy handling when riding, mounting on bike racks and stowing away.

High-quality, low-maintenance parts built to last and for trouble-free riding.

We only use quality parts:

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