Why Should You Invest in a Functional Trainer?

Why Should You Invest in a Functional Trainer?

Functional trainers are a perfect addition to any commercial, home, hotel or rehabilitation gym. What are functional trainers and why are they such versatile exercise machines?


Functional exercises aim to strengthen and tone multiple joints and muscles simultaneously. They mimic natural physical movements with the eye on conditioning the body to better function in everyday life.

Functional trainers, like the SportsArt DS972 Dual Adjustable Pulley, are simple but effective cable-based strength training machines. They are designed to assist in performing a variety of multi-planar pushing, pulling, twisting, lifting, bending and reaching exercises. They are versatile, safe and can be used by all ages and levels of experience.


Functional Trainer Setup

Functional trainers consist of two independent cables, two independent weight stacks, pulleys and a pull-up bar integrated on the frame.

The weight stacks are selectorized, meaning that you can choose your weight quickly and easily by inserting a pin underneath your load of choice. Each weight stack can offer you up to 90kgs of resistence. You can use either one or two arms to pull on the handles to raise and lower the weight. The cables and pulley provide a smooth, controlled and constant tension. The two weight stacks mean that more than one user can be on the machine at one time.

It is important to note that the pulley on these machines give you a mechanical advantage. The typcal ratio is either 2:1 or 3:1. So, if you, for example, are pressing all the weight on a machine with a combined weight stack of 180kgs (90kgs each), but with 2:1 ratio, you are essentially only pressing 90kgs.


Functional Trainer Benefits

If you are looking to forge a career in professional powerlifting, Functional Trainers are no supplement for traditional free-weights. They are, however, versatile and safe machines that cater for any user at any level or age. They are especially great for circuit training or supersets due to the speed and ease of changing between loads.

Functional trainers provide you with the ability to perform multi-joint movements or isolation exercises on one piece of equipment. They are awesome for isolateral (single lim) exercises, which work one side of your body at a time. The independent weight stacks ensure balanced work or allow you to even load a higher weight on your weaker side.

What makes a Functional Trainer truly functional is the ability to train across all plains of the body. This allows you to get a multiplanar, full-body workout without having to invest in different expensive machines or a multitude of functional accessories that will cost you money or take up undue space.

What exercises can you do with a Functional Trainer?

The list of exercises that you can do with a Functional Trainer is really endless. Here are a few favorites:

Chest Press and Flye, Seated Shoulder Press, Standing Side Raise, Rotator Cuff โ€“ Internal & External, Standing Bicep Curl & Reverse Curl, Glute Kickback, Tricep Pushdown & Extensions, Standing Leg Abduction & Adduction, Ab Cruch, Squat variations, One & Two Arm Rows, High Rows, Lat Pulldown, Pullups & Chin-ups, Golf Swing, Twist & Lift, Hip Raise with Twist, Balance & Pull, Rear Deltoid Crossover, Torso Rotation, Downward Chop, Deadlift variations, Throws and Low Sweep.


Functional Trainer

Wether you are looking for a complete home-gym or want to add versatility to your commercial or hotel gym, functional trainers are a great investment. By combining multiple different exercises into one centralised system, they have a small footprint and offer you maximum functionality at a great price point.

The SportsArt DS972 Dual Stack Functional Trainer is Gym Conceptsโ€™ pick as one of the best investments you can make in this area. It features a unique adjustable pulley ratio - 1:2 and 1:4 โ€“ that offers more workout and weight-selection options. You define the motion, allowing you to strengthen every part of your body using everyday activities. When investing in an expensive fitness machine, you need to be sure that it will walk a long path with you. The DS972 offers a 10-year warranty on its frame and 5-year warranty on plates and guides.

Dimensions: 60.2 x 39.4 x 89.2 in / 153 x 100 x 226.5 cm

  • 41 pulley positions for more workout positions and versatility
  • An integrated pull-up bar
  • Magnetized weight selector fork with retracting cord
  • 7-piece accessory set included
  • Deep-groove, 12.7 cm shrouded pulleys with faultless cable tracking
  • Cold-rolled steel weight stacks with noise dampening
  • Stainless steel guide rods resist rust and stay smooth
  • Internally lubricated 680kg steel aircraft cables that offer quiet and smooth operation
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