The Business of Fitness #2: The Functional Intense Training (R)Evolution

The Business of Fitness #2: The Functional Intense Training (R)Evolution

The evolution of functional fitness has changed the fitness business landscape. New functional gyms and concepts are emerging everyday. We helped set up the new FIT40 gym concept in Techno Park Stellenbosch. Functional Intense Training in 40-minutes - let's take a quick look at the solution.

Fit for Life

Functional training is well established in the business of fitness.

With its beginnings in the area of physical rehabilitation, this fitness concept has been embraced the world over to target core strength and improve ones ability to perform everyday activities.

The purpose of functional fitness is to become fit to function for life.

Traditionally, lower intensity versions have been used to help older individuals maintain their lifestyles and activities. More recently, however, high-intensity variants, reminiscent of military-style training, have exploded onto the global fitness scene.

Terms such as High Intensity Interval Training, Interval Weight Training and cross training have been cemented in the everyday fitness vocabulary and championed by movements such as Gym Jones. Functional intense training (FIT) as a concept has brought new vigour to the fitness industry, offering exhilarating fitness experiences that challenge both physical and mental capacities.

Functional Intense Training Facilities Are Booming

FIT40 Gym Stellenbosch

FIT workouts make use of a variety of intensive cardio, endurance and strength-training structures that build strength, burn fat and decrease the time needed in the gym.

In turn, gyms have moved away from traditional large format machine-intensive commercial facilities, to smaller functional spaces where tight-knit communities of like-minded individuals cheer one another on as they squat, pull, burpee and kettlebell their way to physical fitness.

As smaller open-plan facilities, functional gyms house equipment pieces that facilitate multidimensional workouts, are far less capital intensive than commercial gym equipment pieces, and offer ease to store away from the central open floor.

FIT40 Stellenbosch

Functional Fitness Gym Image

FIT40 Gym in Stellenbosch is one of our most recent projects and a great example of how a functional gym can be put together for maximum functionality, in little to no time, and at a low cost.

Rather than just a gym, Fit40 is described as a fitness goal to achieve maximum physical output within a 40-minute timeframe. Output is measured by calories burned or reps completed in exercise sessions where patterns of work and rest are meticulously planned in order to elicit a desired physical response.

FIT40 offers groups an intensive programme that combines traditional strength training, calisthenics and Pilates with high-intensity-interval structures, as well as longer bouts of cardio. FIT40, however, favours strict movements, free-weights and the use of heavy slam balls as an alternative to more technical barbells. Effectively, FIT40 has generalised their functional-fitness offering, making it more accessible to a wider audience, and packaging the entire experience into a 40-minute class.

The Project

Functional Gym Render

The project entailed transforming and modernising an existing functional space to accommodate the fast-paced 40-min group classes that FIT40 offers.

Existing rigging was altered to establish five squat stations with 6-8 pull-up stations. Keeping an open-plan design and a need to be agile, mobile air-based cardio units and adjustable benches were brought in and wall-mounted storage units were manufactured and installed.

The end result was a fluid, multidimensional space that can easily be altered according to the needs of the class.

Functional Gym Equipment

Functional Gym Images
  • AlphaState Hex Dumbbells and AlphaState Adjustable Benches
  • AlphaState Slamballs 5kg - 60kg
  • AlphaState Wall Balls 10lb - 20lb
  • AlphaState Wrapped Plyometric Boxes
  • AlphaState Wall Balls and Slam Balls
  • AlphaState Competition and Cast Iron Kettlebells
  • Concept2 Ski Ergs
  • Concept2 Rowers
  • ย Gym Concepts Bound Air Bikes
  • Wall-mounted Timer
  • Men's and Women's Weight-vests

  • Gallery

    FIT40 Open Plan Functional Gym Renderย FIT40 Open Plan Functional Gym RenderFIT40 Open Plan Functional Gymย FIT40 Air-based Cardio FIT40 Rowing Workoutย ย Functional Fitness Class Gym Flooringย ย FIT40 Class in Action

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