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Fitness in South Africa is a multi-billion Rand industry, which continues to enjoy impressive growth year after year. For aspiring entrepreneurs, fitness fundis and developers alike, meeting the growing demand for cutting edge commercial gym facilities offers immense opportunities. Getting it right can be immensely rewarding – but it’s not easy.   

Designing a gym with maximum functionality and populating it with the right gym equipment for the task is a big operation. Keeping your new fitness facility project in budget is even more difficult!

From your gym architecture plan to your gym interiors, Gym Concepts can offer unbiased advice and support in the form of our end-to-end gym design and equipment service

We’ve helped clients with everything from ultra-luxury gym design to holistic, highly practical fitness center design. We know that designing your own gym from scratch can be a daunting process – which is why we’ll be there to help every step of the way. To get you started, here are some of the most common gym designs and layout questions we receive. 

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Physical therapists will tell you that everyone, no matter what their individual fitness goals may be, should undertake four main types of exercise: Strengthening, stretching, balance, and aerobic/cardio. Any commercial gym layout should therefore cater to all these needs with equipment in suitable zones – such as free weights and resistance training, open stretching areas, and a selection of cardio machines.  

If you don’t have masses of floor space available, then chat to us – we’ve got plenty of commercial gym design ideas to get you started! The best gym layouts allow customers to move in a logical fashion from one zone to the next, starting with light stretching and cardio, moving on to body strength and core training, and finally ending up in a cool down zone that lends itself to flexibility exercises. 

Your individual gym layout plan will also, of course, depend on the specific clientele you aim to attract. If the majority of your members are women looking to tone up and improve their overall fitness, the fitness center layout you choose will be very different than if you're targeting body builders!  

Your gymnasium layout should include the following: 

Cardio equipment:


Upright and recumbent cycles

- Standard, incline/decline treadmills

- Stair climbers

- Where space is limited, cross trainers which perform multiple functions are especially useful.


Strength equipment:

Selectorized machines to target specific muscle groups

Plate loaded (chest and leg press equipment etc)

Free weight equipment (such as power cages, bench press, and curl and crunch benches)

Dual function equipment   

Gym Concepts is proud to be the exclusive distributor of SportsArt commercial gym equipment in South Africa. Rugged, durable, and of exceptional quality, their versatile range is perfect for any commercial gym design plan. 

Functional Fitness equipment and accessories

Increasingly, consumers around the world want commercial fitness facilities to include functional gym design elements as well. As these components require rigging and wall mounting, they need to be included in your gym structure design early on. From TRX attachments, wall ball targets and gym rings, to convenient and stylish storage for kettlebells, barbells and plyometric boxes, Gym Concepts can help you implement the modern gym design solution that’s right for your space, brand and customers.  

Commercial quality gym equipment is a big investment. To get the best return, you need to keep it properly maintained – both to avoid costly repairs and unnecessary replacements later on, and to ensure the safety of your members.

To take all the guesswork and hassle out of this, we offer all our clients a custom Service Level Agreement (SLA). This includes quarterly preventative-maintenance services that will extend the life of your gym equipment and give you peace of mind. Essentially, this is like an insurance policy to protect your investment. Your equipment might take a beating, but your wallet doesn’t need to! 

Gym flooring is actually one of the most important aspects of fitness design, both to give your members the most comfortable workout possible, and to prevent structural damage from dropped weights. You’ll want a softer, non-slip option for stretching areas, and ideally specialized free weight flooring for areas with heavy equipment and weights.    

Different colours and styles can also help demarcate different areas and exercise zones. Our innovative interlocking gym flooring from AlphaSlate is available in a range of exciting colours, perfect for those extra cool gym designs! 

We believe that catering for members who have sustained an injury, been in an accident or have mobility challenges is absolutely crucial. It is often these customers who can benefit the most from training – both physically and psychologically.

Our SportsArt Medical range is ideal for both clinics and commercial gyms, as units come with multiple accessories perfect for recovering users. These include handrails, strap-in foot pedals, wheelchair ramps, and advanced equipment with partial and full-body weight support and motor guidance.

In addition to attracting a more diverse clientele, investing in this kind of equipment can make your facility attractive to medical professionals like physical therapists, and personal trainers who specialize in sports injuries.   

No-one enjoys working out in a cramped facility, but we understand that providing a variety of functional areas and equipment can be a challenge when space is tight. We’ll help you visualize different layouts and try different ideas with our cutting-edge 3D gym floor plan design service. You’ll be able to see at a glance where space isn’t being utilized to its full potential.

Coupled with our vast experience, we guarantee we’ll be able to come up with a fitness studio design that encapsulates your vision, and is a pleasure for your members to work out in! 

Absolutely! For hotels, resorts and wellness retreats alike, providing fitness facilities can help your establishment stand out from the rest, and attract health conscious travellers. Whether it’s a simple fitness room design or a full-on gymnasium with all the bells and whistles, we’ll help you design and equip a sleek facility that perfectly complements your hotel’s look.

First off, congratulations on making the wise choice to join the global green fitness movement. Not only does this show a forward-looking, planet-conscious and responsible outlook, it makes great business sense too. 

Historically, commercial gyms have been energy-guzzlers – which doesn’t make a huge amount of sense if you think about it. People generally go to the gym to burn calories… so where is all that energy going? It could be going towards running other equipment – and that’s exactly what innovative equipment lines like SportsArt’s ECO-POWR machines do. Their Verso Cross Trainer, for example, uses micro inverters to harness the kinetic energy generated by the user, capturing and converting up to 74% into utility-grade electricity.

Other machines in the ECO line, like the Verde Treadmill, don’t require any electrical input at all – pretty ground breaking for a cardio machine. Their Senza line includes affordable ellipticals, treadmills and recumbent bikes which require 32% less energy than their competitors.  

In South Africa, where electricity supply is not exactly reliable, investing in this kind of equipment can give you an edge over the competition when the lights go out. And over the course of their lifespan, green fitness machines and equipment can save you a small fortune on your energy bills too. 

More than this, placing an emphasis on sustainability in the design of your commercial gym helps your members feel that they're contributing to the betterment of the planet. This in turn builds trust and loyalty.   

In a commercial gym setting, there are a huge number of factors that will play into the final design. Just a few aspects that need to be considered<strong> include</strong>:

- Need for a reception and information area

- Safe and sanitary shower and locker facilities

- Café / lounge / refreshment area

- Temperature control

- Security

- Ventilation

- Access to parking facilities

- Lighting

- Office space

- Audio-visual equipment, internet access and entertainment

- Branding and décor 

We’ve been around the block a few times, and know how to avoid the common pitfalls first time gym owners and developers can run into. Aside from ensuring your health club design is highly functional and practical, we’re overflowing with commercial gym interior design ideas too! 

From gym architecture and personal training studio design, to modern gym interiors and the best gym interior design to cater to your clientele’s specific tastes, we’ve done it all. Proudly South African, and with more than a decade’s experience in functional, commercial, hospitality, outdoor, hybrid and residential fitness, the Gym Concepts team has the experience and track record to deliver your vision.  

Creating a commercial gym design that stands the test of time takes careful consideration, planning and significant capital. It can also be immensely rewarding – both on a financial and personal level, as you're helping people take charge of their health, fitness and future.

Our end-to-end gym design service includes everything you need to build a fitness facility that reflects your brand, from concept, to equipment and maintenance.

If you have any questions about our gym design and equipment layout services, give us a shout. 

Ready to get started? Our passionate team are ready to turn your dream into reality, so call us now for a quotation!